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Description - The BRIDGE is DOWN - the old TAY BRIDGE after the Disaster of 1879. Shows the 'HIGH GIRDERS' lying in the water, on the up-stream side of the bridge looking towards Dundee
Date - Photo 1880 Card issued approx 1918~20
Size in mm (approx) - 138 X 88
Order Reference - PC851
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Publisher - Valentine's "Bromotype" Series
Publisher's Card No. - 01864
Condition -  An excellent quality black & white printed postcard with good corners
Information - This view is of the old Tay Bridge in the days following it's collapse in a force 10+ gale. A section of the 'High Girders' is seen lying on it's side in the waters of the River Tay, with parts of the train still lying within the girders. It is un-certain how many people died that night, but is normally quoted as 79. The events of the disasterous collapse of the single track bridge meant that a new construction was needed. The new bridge was built using the same basic design as the old bridge, but of course with suitable modifications and strengthening. The remnants of the removed old bridge are still visible near the foot of each pillar.

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