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Description - From the series "Nos Aéroplanes" is Aèroplane Paulhan - LL.
Date - Postcard is dated 1909
Size in mm (approx) - 138 X 88
Order Reference - PC808
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Publisher - L.L. The famous French photographic producers of wonderful images - Lévy Sons & Co - Series "Nos Aéroplanes"
Publisher's Card No. - 73
Un-used: Divided back - Although the back is blank - i.e. no message or address - there is a 5c. green postage stamp on the front which has been cancelled, thus confirming it's passage through "La Poste", but where to? The postmark is Dieppe, Seine Inf(érieu)re - 15-9-09. Seine Inférieure was renamed Seine Maritime in 1955
Condition - good Square corners with only a very slight bump at top left. There is a light fold across the card - made by my wonderful post person. The envelope was only bent a little (un-necessarily) to get it through my letter box, but sufficient to affect the card's surface. The feint crease line front and back is only visible with very close scrutiny, or with a magnifying glass. The card lies flat.
Further Information - Isidore Auguste Marie Louis Paulhan, was a pioneering French aviator. He is known for winning the first Daily Mail aviation prize for a flight between London and Manchester in 1910. See Wikipedia for more details

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