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Description - The  H.M.S. BUZZARD, training ship at the THAMES EMBANKMENT
Date - 1905 from postal cencel
Size in mm (approx) - 138 X 88
Order Reference - PC649
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Publisher - G.D & D. L. [Gottschalk, Dreyfuss & Davis Co., Ltd. ; London, England]
Publisher's Card No. - none
Used: Post at Hammersmith AU 28 05 to Mifs Phipp(?) Shooters Hill, Ewen, nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire with the strange message: "do not send PC as I don't want any one to know when they return as every one will know if you send PC if it should come when I am out"
Condition -  Good image with some creasing or wear to the corners.
Information -  A lovely tinted print of a photographic image of the "H.M.S. BUZZARD" near Westminster Pier. The bridge is St Paul's Railway Bridge which was opened in 1864 running into Charing Cross Station. The bridge is not there today but the supporting piers remain. H.M.S. BUZZARD was launched in 1887 as a sloop of the Nymphe Class. She served in the North Americas and West Indies. In 1904 she became a training ship and was moored off the Thames Embankment near to Westminster Pier. She was re-named H.M.S. President in 1911 where she served until 1923 until being sold for scrappng in Holland.

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