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Location - MASSIVE FLOODS in PARIS, France - Gare Saint-Lazare et Place de Rome - Paris Inondé
Date - January 1910
Size in mm (approx) - 135 X 85
Order Reference - PC636
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Publisher - L.L. - A card of the famous duo Leon & Levy who produced some superb images sought after the world over.
Publisher's Card No. 218
Condition - A small stain in the left margin, but a crisp picture with good corners.
Further Information - The image shows a barricade against the flood having been laid across the road, but at the right hand side it has breached, and the water comes through again. The flood reached its maximum height of 8.62 metres on 28th January 1910 (about 28 feet) - that's about as high as the roof on the average 2 storey house.

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