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Location - EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE - PARIS - Exhibit of République Sud Africaine
Date - 1900
Size in mm (approx) - 140 x 88
Order Reference - PC489
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Publisher - not known
Publisher's Card No. - Not numbered
Un-used: The back is un-divided with the phrase "Carte Postale - Ce côté est exclusivement réservé à l'adresse" - This side is exclusively reserved for the address.
Condition - A nice postcard with extremely light wear to the corners - some light toning
Further Information - This great "Expo", which was open for about 7 months, was France's way of paying tribute to the past century, and welcoming the next. Many of Paris's current buildings were erected for the exhibition. It was the place to be in 1900. The Art Nouveau movement was in full flood, and the Olympic Games were held there as well.

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