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Location - PONT DE LA FEUILLÉE bridge over the River SAONE in LYON, France. There are 17 bridges over the Saone, and the same number over the Rhône. The bridge shown here was built in 1912, two years after the earlier bridge was demolished, It lasted until 1936 when it was hit by a barge which collapsed the bridge casting into the water all the souls who were on it at the time. The next effort was destroyed by the Germans in 1944, and the next one still stands.
Date - dated in manuscript "6 Janvier 1914"
Size in mm (approx) - 140 x 88
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Publisher -  E.R.
Publisher's Card No. 37
Used: Written, and posted, but stamps and most of the cancels have been removed.
Condition - Very good corners and overall appearance

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